“Ascoltare i silenzi” Flute Masterclass by M° Matteo Cesari

7 Febbraio 2023
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7 Febbraio 2023 Segreteria FontanaMIX

Ascoltare i silenzi

Flute Masterclass by M° Matteo Cesari on the works for flute by Salvatore Sciarrino


General Information

With the gigantic catalog of his compositions, Salvatore Sciarrino has revolutionised the entire way of conceiving the musical universe, completely reinventing instrumental writing as well as the way of singing, proposing a new sensitivity in the intimate relationships and affections that move the musical discourse. In this context, the magical inventions that animate the work for solo flute occupy a decidedly prominent place. But understanding Sciarrino’s musical world is not an easy operation: it requires a particular way of listening, as well as an extremely profound way of interpreting it. Flute player Matteo Cesari, one of the reference interpreters of the Sicilian composer who recorded his whole flute production, will dedicate a 3-day masterclass to Sciarrino’s flute work for young performers, deepening the relationship between the techniques of instrumental gesture and music interpretation, between the practice of conscious listening and the reflection of the linguistic context.

The masterclass will take place in Bologna (Italy) from the 5th to the 7th of October. Participation to the masterclass is free of charge, after receiving an acceptance letter by the FontanaMIXensemble. There is no age limit for application. A final concert by the participants will be the conclusion to the masterclass.


Admission Requirements

The candidate must present the following materials with the online application form:

1.Curriculum Vitae;
2.A video from the candidate playing a repertoire of his/her choice.

FontanaMIXensemble will communicate to all candidates the result of the selection made by the examining commission.



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Intero 12 €
Under 30 9 €
Over 60 9 €
Under 18 5 €
Studenti €

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